Nokia 770 Software

Jan 16, 2007 by glennji

I bought a Nokia 770 web-tablet a few months back, and absolutely love it — it’s newspaper, TV-guide, SSH client, instant messenger, VOIP handset, daily planner and notepad. I tend to take it everywhere, but it is probably most useful in the lounge room in that it removes the need for a precariously knee-perched laptop and the mass of cables that goes with it.

I’ve got a few themes, but I’ve not yet found one that is based on the lovely Gnome Desktop. There”s a nice little Java application that can quickly build Nokia 770 themes, so I”ve got no excuse really.

There”s also a bunch of software (including games) that I’d like for the Nokia, and it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do it for me! I’ve tried installing the devkit a little while ago, but it”s all changed now so I’ll have to start again.

I”m also gradually learning Python, since that”s quite a powerful platform on the Nokia (and Gnome in general).

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