Photo Day

Feb 19, 2005 by glennji

Today was “photo day”. Dee sorted through many thousands of “real” photos, putting them into albums, whilst I copied a number of Photo-CDs on to the USB hard-drive I got last week.

Then we plugged the laptop into the TV and watched a slideshow of the pictures, listening to music and reminiscing. Picasa (for Windows, from Google) is quite good, and I finally figured out how to view images from a disk other than the C: drive – select a directory (such as the root) on another drive as the Import target in the preferences pane. I just wish there was something with the same level of eye-candy (fades between pictures, or the timeline view) for Linux.

It’s funny looking at old photos, and some of our are quite old indeed (I scanned some from my parents albums, and Dee’s father had a collection that he passed on to us also). Glad we’ve got them; it will be cool to show the kids wink.

I started another “get-ready-to-go” task today as well – ripping all our CD music to MP3s. Of course, I haven’t gotten very far with that particular task, as 1977 by Ash is scratched, dirty or otherwise resisting the earnest attempts at reading so it’s taking quite a long time. (In fact I’m only up to track 6, and I started this afternoon.)

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