We've Bought Our Tickets

Jan 19, 2005 by glennji

In my last post, I completely forgot the whole point, which is:

We’ve bought our tickets.

It’s all official now – we’re leaving on the 9th of July. A stop-over in Dubai (of several hours; nothing like sleeping in an airport terminal to readjust the body-clock), then on to Paris for a week. From Paris, we’re off to London, and then whenever we feel like it (probably a few days later) we’ll be on the train to Edinburgh, Scotland.

We’ve got friends in London at the moment (quite a few actually), which makes both celebrating and accommodation that much easier. It’s very exciting! We’ve got a big ol' calendar on the wall now, and we cross off each day like a Christmas advent calendar.

Tonight we’re looking at hotels in Paris. So many hotels!

We’re leaving this year. Spooky.

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