Six Months Too Short

Jan 12, 2005 by glennji

Warrick is back! I haven’t caught up with him for a tasty, tasty ale, but I plan to sometime this week (perhaps tomorrow?). If it happens, he can sign my passport application – otherwise Yvonne from Dee’s work has said she will sign it. Either way, I get my guarantor and I can submit the application!

We’ve been thinking about the things we have to do, and six months isn’t that long to do it all. I don’t even have my passport yet – how slack is that? Then there’s a VISA, a UK bank account, health cover, finding work … all the usual things that you need to live. And they’re just the basics! What about our cat? Or our trip around Europe? So much to consider.

In other news, we have enough of those credit card “bonus points” to buy … a toaster. (Apparently Dee’s brother Chris has enough for a return trip to London – that will be his visit when we move – but who knows how long he’s had the card?!)

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