Dee is considering selling her car

Jul 20, 2004 by glennji

Dee is considering selling her car – it’s an almost-new Toyota Celica ZR, black, with all the bells and whistles. As such, we’ve got a fairly large car loan currently hanging over our heads, and I think it has been stressing her out somewhat. Naturally. Anyway, now she’s talking about selling the car, paying off the loan and getting something cheaper but still fun, such as this 1966 MGB.

Now, I’m all for this: I’ve wanted an MG for a long time now (an Austin Healey, actually, but they’re so close it doesn’t matter).  One of the “bosses” of an old workplace once ridiculed me for wanting a convertible as a first car.  “You’ve got to be practical,” he said.  Of course, he bought some girly car, new, so I don’t think he’s really the best source for advice about motor vehicles.

The only real problem would be my ego – letting Dee buy the car, but treating it as my own.  In theory, all our money is together in a big pile, to share and share alike.  But I’m a male, so the ego and protectiveness and provider nature all crowd inside my mindspace and vy for attention.

I think I’ll be able to deal with it.  After all, we would get a manual transmission, and Dee really only drives automatic (which would change, of course, but by then I should be the number one driver).Exciting times perhaps?

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