Jun 18, 2004 by glennji

It’s Friday night, and I’m drinking VAT69 Scotch.

Not the greatest tasting whiskey in the world, as far as I can tell, but it was $24 (lemme see, that’s about 9 pounds, or 13 euro) so who’s complaining? I’ve put it down to an acclimatisation expense - everybody drinks scotch in Scotland, right? Just like champagne in France or warm beer in England … stereotypes come from somewhere, after all grins

I like whiskey, very much. Actually, I’m planning to invest in one of those micro-distillery jobbies once we land in the land of Scots, mostly because of the alcoholic booty that accompanies it! (In my memory, the deal I looked at gives a case of whiskey a year, for 12 years … but my memory has been known to let me down before (damn you, Internet!) so I can’t back that up.) In any case, if I start drinking more than a bottle of scotch a month …

Have I said I can’t wait? Do I say it every post?

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