Friday, lovely Friday

Jun 18, 2004 by glennji

Got through another week, and very happy to have done so. It’s been quite hectic this week, with a software release today (which we post-poned thanks to network issues - the other company in our building does web-streaming every Friday, it seems, and we share the Internet connection). Moreover, the release was/is to be on the new deployment platform, and that’s a whole different can of worms (remember the good ol' days, when worms came in old fashioned paper bags, not cans?), with the biggest worm being “trial” licenses.

Anyone out there know a software house that keeps up with all the licenses they’re meant to? C’mon, be honest.

It doesn’t matter now, I got all my work for the release finished so I’m the good guy (or at very least, not the hold-up - the fabled “critical path”). A couple more test releases and we go into a “model” environment, then production. Now I’ve written production code before, for telcos no less, but this project is a salvage job and thus my personal confidence in it’s quality is notably low. I hope it all works, I really do.

Guess I’ve got those “couple more test releases” to make sure, huh?

And now I need to make a snack (alcohol beckons).

Have I talked about the alcohol-centric social structure of middle-class Australia? No doubt I will one of these days (consider that a warning!).

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