Chronofiles Take Two

Jun 3, 2004 by glennji

I’m sure everyone goes through it in the “blogspace” universe – a personal weblog started, ignored and ultimately forgotten … followed by a resurrection when the blogger remembers how much fun it really was (being one voice out of millions; why isn’t it this much fun to stand in a mall and talk to anyone who will listen?).

Welcome back, Chronofiles.

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After too many years, I’m finally building myself a NAS: network-attached storage, a device for backing up files, photos, and all the data that is otherwise in the cloud. Say goodbye, FANGs, I’m going self-hosted.

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I guess I should update the ‘blog?1 Not an easy thing to do these days, since even finding the time to do something as self-indulgent as public journaling probably just means there’s something else I could be doing instead, but maybe it’s an experiment I would like to continue?