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Otway Coast

The Otway Coast comprises a popular beach and national park section of the Great Ocean Road on the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Lorne and Apollo Bay. The townships on the Otway Coast are: Separation Creek, Wye River, Kennett River, Wongara and Sugarloaf.
This coast seems to have two essential features that we love: mountains and ocean. Our plan is for Dee to run an eco farm-stay somewhere along the Great Ocean Road, while I figure out what to do with Hack Street.

"Little House" — Eco Kit Home

  • 2BR eco-friendly kit home
  • 1 ensuite, 1 main bathroom
  • walk-in robe in 1BR
  • "green wall" for herbs near kitchen
  • large covered/coverable deck/sun-room (think "potting shed" at Grounds of Alexandria)


  • vegetables — maybe in-ground greenhouse
  • herb wall (see above)
  • flowers
  • beer crops (hops, barley)
  • assorted fruit trees

Hack Street — Office

  • A shipping container (or something like it).
  • A full-frame window at one end, looking out to the ocean.
  • 1 or 2 standing (adjustable) desks
  • Dual Retina® displays
  • Ceiling-mounted/adjustable/pull-down power-boards
  • Floor to ceiling cabinets
    • with open shelves for toys/action-figures (for fidgeting)
    • A minibar fridge (milk, water)
    • A mini-rack
    • Slide-out HA computer
  • Ceiling strip lighting, using RGB LEDs.
  • Couch, coffee table with slide-out game-board drawers.
  • Arcade pedestal against the other end
    • controls for MAME
    • cupboard for PS4, XBox
    • shelf for controllers, light gun, whatever

"Grandma's Place" — Farm Cottage #1

  • 1BR wooden farm house w/ wooden siding
  • verandah / stoop with rocking chair
  • small vegetable garden
  • single car-port
  • water tank
  • solar

"Grandpa's Place" — Farm Cottage #2

  • 2BR wooden farm house w/ wooden siding
  • as per Grandma's Place above

"Big House" — Our 'Finally' Home

  • ...?


  • Standing benches
  • Plumbed (for toilets, wash-basin, beer brewing)
  • Soldering/electronics station
  • 3D printer
  • Motorcycle repair stand
  • Brick walls
  • Gantry for storage
  • Leather couch
  • Idea: get a liquor-license, then run a sometimes-bar for our guests

Random Ideas

  • Baofeng radios in cars, motorcycle helmet, house?
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