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Inner-west Sydney

When we arrived in Sydney, we had no idea where we wanted to live. We looked in Balmain (seemed nice), but eventually found a place in Annandale that ticked all the boxes:

Yesterday I met Kate, one of the owners, and signed a 12-month lease on 301 Nelson Street, Annandale. It's expensive, but not that much more than we're currently paying in Belconnen, and we get all the benefits of living close to the city -- it's a 20-minute bike ride! -- and a lovely little community. Wide, tree-lined streets; a park just behind us; a child-care and supermarket opening up just down the road; bike paths, off-leash parks, Rozelle Bay. Everyone I've spoken to has said how nice an area Annandale is -- I can't wait to move in. Kate said that it wasn't uncommon to see neighbourhood kids playing together, running in and out of each others' houses. And that never happens in Sydney!

from Lease signed, we're moving to Sydney

So began our love affair with the Inner West: the best place in Sydney to live, which in and of itself is evidence that I've been completely brain-washed and won't want to live anywhere else. Except ... this house, which I thought was perfect for us (provided we didn't have to work) just sold for $4.4 million:
  • Nelson Street
    • Exterior
      • Front
        • sensor light
        • security camera
      • Balcony
        • seal roof
        • barbeque
          • clean
          • cover
        • shelves
          • more organiser baskets
        • table
          • sand lightly
        • chairs
          • metal
            • bend/repair
          • lounge-chair
            • clean
            • fabric sealant
          • leather
            • /me shrugs
        • lights
          • replace bulbs
          • clean housing
        • repaint balustrade and rafters
        • security camera
      • Side
        • repair fence
        • security camera
      • Backyard
        • bleach pavers
        • doggy composter
        • cleanup under the house
    • Hallway
    • Jules room
    • Bedroom
      • Ensuite
    • Bathroom
    • Loft
    • Kitchen
    • Lounge
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