Sure, why not? Gotta start somewhere.

This site — notes, ‘blog, project logs — act as a sort of commonplace book, with thoughts about a variety of subjects.  It’s a form of intelligence amplification, implicitly modelled on my own neural network (since I’m the one writing, updating and reorganising it). It includes a bunch of different, interrelated information that could be interesting1, and exploring and editing may help me discover new connections and relationships I wouldn’t find otherwise.

That’s the plan, anyway. With this latest incarnation2, I’ve finally separated:

There’s probably a ton of wrong-headed assumptions and half-formed thoughts — it is a personal website after all — but if you find something objectionable (I’m sorry!) or (better) actually interesting then feel free to drop me a line.

  1. Well, interesting to me anyway. ↩︎

  2. I’ve been writing and rewriting these notes for a long time, and across media – from Tomboy on Linux and Windows (although I never could get Macboy working well) to a Tiddlywiki, Workflowy to Evernote and now here. There’s still a lot of lists with zero context, pages with barely formed thoughts, and likely some content stolen verbatim from Wikipedia. WIP! Always. ↩︎