Okay, so I’m trying to sell the motorbike, and in fact I’m a little freaked by the idea of having an accident and abandoning my child, so it’s pretty unlikely that I’m going to be doing any motorcycle-based bugging out any time soon … but I’ll keep this page around until he’s all grown up and I’ve retired1.

There’s a bunch of prep required to have a safe and comfortable moto-based escape/bugout.

  • first-aid essentials/motorcycle kit

    • Ibuprofen (pain and fever reducer, anti-inflammatory)
    • Antihistamine (Telfast 180mg) (allergies, sleep aid)
    • Pseudoephedrine (nasal decongestant, helps with “ear pop” from planes)
    • Safety pins (quick fix for clothing, making an arm sling, emergency cloth)
    • Bandana (sling for arm, dust mask,
    • Antiseptic towelettes (cleaning hands and wounds)
    • Electrolyte packets (for replacing electrolyte loss due to vomiting or diarrhoea)
    • Tweezers (removing ticks, thorns, cactus, sea urchins, etc)
    • Band-aids (minor cuts and scrapes)
    • Gauze roll (minor cuts and scrapes)
    • Antibiotic ointment (minor cuts and scrapes)
    • Thermometer (is that really a fever, how high)
    • Latex gloves (protect yourself first)
    • 4 x 4 gauze pads (minor cuts and scrapes)
    • Hand sanitizer (dirty hands mean infected cuts)
  • survival essentials kit

    • Multi-tool (Macgyver always had his)
    • Spork + screwdriver + bottle-opener
    • Bushman’s Insect Repellent & Sunscreen (SPF 15 minimum, small bottle)
    • Fire-starter
    • Portable flashlight (looking into mouths, dark rooms) or three
    • Signal mirror
    • Emergency blanket
    • Whistle
    • Compass
    • Glow-stick
    • Mini wood saw (hand chainsaw)
    • (Bonus) Fishing: line, hooks, sinkers and lures.
  • Clothes, underwear

    • Towels
* solar panel phone charger * ...? * Swag * Sleeping bag * Tool roll * Cooking * Liquid-fuel stove + pot * Some fuel * Firestarter * Pot holder * Cutlery * Plate/Bowl - ex-Army? * ...? *

  1. And Tez, if you ever come across this page then let me reiterate that I’m 100% into us having a tour of the Rockies and Canada in general. Just say the word, cuz… ↩︎