A cute little B&B in the country somewhere, with facilities for perhaps 5 rooms (maximum). Possibly little detached cottages (like in SA), or converted house-stables, or… Integrate with the local community! If there’s a sweet-shop, put a bag of their sweets in the “welcome basket”…


bike hire (with helmets) picnic hampers washing “taxi” to local attractions, booking champagne bucket on arrival (with strawberries)


“Free” with room booking: DVDs/movies board games wifi books advice about the local area (including maps) Extra beds (trundle) and cots


Served in a breakfast room. (Breakfast only – no lunch or dinner.) Ideas for breakfast: Scrambled eggs Mexican, etc. Pancakes with fruit or bacon Fried, poached or boiled eggs Extras: Savoury grilled tomatoes sausages garlic mushrooms bacon hash-browns toast (of course!) tea (in olde Englishe pots) coffee (plunger) on the table: jam maple syrup butter peanut butter salt, pepper buffet table with “continental breakfast”: cereal fruit juice milk yoghurt pots


Rooms should be wooden floors, rugs, exposed brick- or timber-work; colonial/cottage-like, with period(-looking) furniture and a little gas fireplace. A romantic getaway for 30-something professionals. Fresh-cut flowers in rooms. “Arrival basket” with: chocolates, cake, biscuits crackers, cheese grapes, fresh fruit olives carafe of port hot-chocolate, coffee-beans Also in the rooms: bottle of wine with prices In the bathrooms: soap bath-salts hair-dryers Old-style display of menu in rooms: colonial, aged look. Sepia-tone photos with “false colour” for the foods. Books in rooms! “Guide book” about the B&B. Use an old photo-album. Lunch hampers available – picnic you take away with you! Daily room service checklist: empty bins make beds replace towels toilet paper clean floors vacuum dust wipe down bathroom surfaces


We <italic>really</italic> have to do the garden well – pick a place that’s really quiet of an evening, then lay out the garden aesthetically. Need paths for people to wander along, seats to sit under the shade of a tree or in the “dying sun” (sunset). Strawberry patch lemon, lime and apple trees herb-garden (for cooking) chickens (for eggs) olive tree koi pond trees which attract local birds tomatoes chillies let us have lettuce carrots, potatoes, pumpkin rhubarb

Other Stuff

sewing machine industrial washing machine OR a good washing service? crockery, cutlery: mismatched between different tables, antique(-looking) dishwasher chest freezer

First Steps From Here To There?

Five years time? stay in different country locations can go camping for family holidays go to furniture auctions, to get comfortable with them Internet research e.g. tourism statistics where do people stay? what facilities are available? how much do people pay? competition? what is in the locale? e.g. waterfalls

And Then?

Can you do a good breakfast? For five families at once? Prove it! :-) business plan: budget advertising (e.g. website) business loan renovation quotes

What types of hobby farms are there?

The short answer is; how many hobbies can you name? Perhaps you love wines and want to buy a small vineyard, or maybe you’re mechanically minded and want space for workshops and garages for your fleet of collectible cars? Other common hobby farm possibilities and features to look for include:
  • Pastures full of free-range poultry
  • Expanses of bushland for rough riding horses
  • Swathes of flat fertile land for growing fruit trees
  • Rolling hills and plains for a menagerie of livestock and other animals
  • Creeks for fishing and water sports