So on and off I have this idea to set myself challenges, then take whatever concrete steps I can towards them as a way of deciding what it is I actually value, as well as hoping that the training or changes required on the “journey” are ones that will make me a better person regardless of the “destination”. But I do need to revise them for 2020.

They are, I must admit, not in any particular order.

#1: Achieve Immortality

Okay, I can’t do this one on my own, but I certainly can do a bunch of things that might help my longevity, and therefore allow me to still be alive on the day that lady science finally defeats aging — and once we can do that, it’s only a matter of time (and careful planning) until we also cure death. Read about this one on my note regarding immortality.

#2: Get an MBA (become a CTO)

This is kind of in progress (see the Entrepreneurship categories, and notes on opportunity discovery) as I’m studying towards an MBA from Swinburne Online. Of course, I’m also hoping our startup finds funding, which would be the fast-track to CTOship — not that the title is all the meaningful to me! But where else can a software developer go?

#3: Write a book

#4: Reach my goal weight & fitness

What with a fondness for craft beer, historically poor sleep habits and no real idea on how my body works, I’ve managed to stack on too much weight to be healthy. In theory, I can shred it off again: see How To Become A Superman.

#5: Run a marathon

#6: Build a robot

#7: Release an app

#8: Become a true polyglot

#9: Join MENSA

#10: Get good at bouldering

#11: Lucid dream

I’ve actually had a lucid dream once, and it was pretty amazing: more than just the fact that I knew it was a dream and thus could control it, it was also the most detailed and realistic dream I’ve ever had: I could feel the woodgrain under my feet, a night-breeze from an open window, the sunshine on my face when I caused dawn with the wave of a hand.

There are plenty of techniques for encouraging lucid dreaming, and I practice a few of them, but so far nothing has repeated the experience. I should probably create a note specifically for lucid dreaming…

#12: Learn to cook

#13: …?

On this review, I couldn’t actually think of a full thirteen — either there’s no other changes I want in my life right now, or they’re things I don’t think of as “impossible”. (I’m sure I’ll think of another one sooner or later, tho'.)

The old list(s)

  1. Read and speak French (with some level of fluency) 2018
  2. Write Quenya (for kicks) 2018
  3. Arabic
    1. learn the Arabic alphabet/script (Memrise)
    2. some basic words and phrases (memorise)
  4. Sanskrit
    1. Write Devanagari 2018
    2. Some basic words and phrases 2018
  5. Read and speak basic Italian
  6. Read and speak basic Deutsch
  7. Read and speak basic Russian
  8. Read and speak some Mandarin Chinese (Pǔtōnghuà)
  • Practise and techniques
    1. (site + mobile app)
    2. Anki (flashcards)
    3. DuoLingo (app)
    4. French listening CDs
      1. When running?
    5. “Fluent In Three Months” (book)
    6. Daily practise — but when?
      1.  Lunch time, maybe
  • Run an Ironman
    1. $682 registration fee (+$150 for travel to volunteer — to guarantee a place)
    2. $1500 for a triathlon-grade bike
    3. $200 wetsuit
    4. swim & gym
    5. run & cycle - free (thanks, Earth)
  • Complete the Kokoda Challenge
    1. Team of 4 - who?
    2. 96km trek
    3. $440 per team + $1500 fund-raiser challenge
  • Get a black-belt
    1. Wing chun:
    2. 1 class, $74/week (+ $60 membership)
    3. Unlimited classes, $139/week (+ $60 membership)
    4. Class times: 12:15 - 1, 5:15 - 6:15
  • Run an Ultramarathon
  • Climb a mountain
  • Build things
    1. A robot? 2018
    2. A sim cockpit?
    3. The ultimate arcade machine?
    4. A house?
  • Fly an aeroplane
    1. Install XFlight (license key?)
  • Own a(nother) motorcycle
    1. Deus Ex Machina == beautiful hardware
  • Join MENSA 2018
  • Play Piano
    1. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - Shrek arrangement 2018