Only if you’re feeling particularly positive & powerful … are you ready for this? A list of things that are potentially annoying, frustrating, boring, stupid or just plain wrong. Eliminate the following things with prejudice as soon as you see the opportunity:


Money is an enabler, an token of value-exchange, essential in modern civilisation, which allows us to procure goods and requisition services. With money, we can create a comfortable life, have less stress and more time to do the things we really love: after all, what future do you want? Working for a salary (or fixed-hour contract) is stupid – by exchanging time for money, we necessarily limit our earning potential (time is finite, therefore money is finite). The trick, then, is either making enough money in as little time as to be comfortable; or (better) decoupling the time-money relationship.   I think it is important to “…find the intersection of what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and what people will pay for” (Money, The Missing Manual). One way to develop/explore this is with hobbies and topics of interest. It isn’t quite a business idea, but I would also like to try writing and getting published.

Money-making ideas:

  • bed and breakfast - “rent out” a fixed asset. A large initial outlay (cost of property + renovating, time) and an ongoing management cost to ensure it is profitable
  • property development - sell an “asset improvement”. Large upfront, time required to do the work
  • writing and getting published - unique content creation. Time+effort upfront, then decoupled from potential sales
  • tool catalogue  – if I inherit Dad’s tools, I could hire them out to locals (for cheaper than a dedicated hire place).
  • pub/bar - maybe not, no Troy Pate
  • stock trading/investing
  • motorcycle tours (Ducati, baby!) - providing a service, time-money coupled.
  • an online business
  • get paid for open source?
  • Android apps
  • unique content creation.
  • freelance software development
  • time for money (Key would be to minimise the time and maximise the money by being very smart)