For me it makes sense to separate things I’d like to do (3) from things I think should be done (4) — ideally, if I can get someone else to do (4) then I’m laughing. ‘Things only I can do’ (2) is purposely kept as short as possible — I currently have “breathing” listed (and ticked). – from a post on the five lists

At the risk of spreading my projects and tasks between too many systems, here are my five lists:

  1. things I like doing
  2. things only I can do
  3. things I would like to try
  4. this I would just like to be done
  5. things to remember

Somewhat separate from these are my long term goals, and the challenge of doing thirteen impossible things.

So what can you do RIGHT NOW?

Consider focus and flow:

  • energy level
  • time available
  • potential blockers