Admirable characteristics
  • highly capable engineer
  • fast and lean hedonist/connoisseur
  • independently wealthy
  • a gymnast's flexibility
  • street-fighter
  • archery
How to emulate
  • live lean & clean (Jamie Duigan)
  • go running when in Sydney
  • cycle to work when running late
  • find a driving course and book it
  • have more sex!!
  • do morning stretches (before the shower)
  • do cat vomit exercises (before bed/sex)
  • order some more contact lenses
    • Paid for by BUPA
  • book an appointment with the doctors to get the plantar wart removed from my foot
  • make an effort to buy new, trendy clothes
  • buy some man products (facial cleanser, anti-ageing)
  • find a place that does bow shooting and do a day out