War games are a good way to develop strategic thinking, something which I need some practise at (I believe). I’ve tried a few computer war simulations (both RTS and TBS) and would like to play more; there are also “table-top” war games played with little plastic models called “minatures”, or cards and maps (e.g. Risk).


Real-time strategy. These often come down to resource-management (or micro-management) and knowing a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
    • Anomaly Earth
    • Darwinia /¬†Multiwinia
    • Defcon
    • Spring RTS
      • Balanced Annihilation (Total Annihilation remake)
      • Starwars
      • Gundam
      • Conflict Terra
      • Evolution RTS
    • Syndicate
    • Total Annihilation
    • Uplink


Turn-based strategy games include the table-top war games (Warhammer, WH40K) and some computer games.
  • Turn-based strategy
    • Civilization / FreeCiv
    • Colonization / FreeCol
    • Frozen Synapse
    • UFO:AI
    • Space Hulk
    • WH40K Tactics