Ah, this would be my guilty pleasure, if I felt any guilt at reading and watching so much sci-fi. But I don’t, and neither should you!

Science-fiction is such a hugely imaginative genre that it feels like it can go on forever (or until the heat-death of this Universe, or the next if we manage to map through to it, or reverse heat-death, or simulate ourselves with ever-faster processing such that it seems like forever to us, or … you see why I like it?). Robots, space operas, endless wars or virtual paradises — it’s all possible in a science-fiction story.

Some favourites (off the top of my head)

  • Anathem
  • Culture! Oh how I wish I could live in the Culture.
  • Blindsight (Peter Watts)
  • The Expanse (series, books and TV are both great)
  • Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom (Doctorow)
  • Anything by Charlie Stross
  • Most stuff by Greg Egan
  • Gibson’s cyberpunk classics
  • Hyperion, etc … Dan Simmons
  • Dreaming Void etc
  • Nicolas Fisk!
  • Asimov!
  • … oh god, there are so many (it’s full of stars!)

Guilty pleasures

  • Anything from the Warhammer 40K series
  • Anything from the Shadowrun novels
  • Star Trek. Yes, even (especially!) Disco
  • Iron Man Adventures