After four decades on this planet, two of which I’ve been solely responsible for choosing what to eat, I still don’t know exactly what to feed myself for the best outcomes: athletic performance, appropriate weight, sleep, digestion and cognitive function. Why is this so hard for so many? This is my next experiment [icon name=“heartbeat” class=“” unprefixed_class=“”]:

  1. Less animal protein (100g a day maximum and take a day off sometimes!)
  2. Much less dairy (just greek-style yoghurt, some cheese)
  3. No added sugar (nothing too processed)
  4. Raw fruit first thing after a fast
  5. Leafy greens and beans for the main midday meal
  Hacking activity, but how about hacking nutrition? Four Hour Body PAGG stack Cissus Quadrangularis Things to research: creatine glutamine essential fatty acids alpha-lipid Books which might be interesting: The Warrior Diet