“It’s a system/blueprint” … sure it is pal.

Target Income/mo Unit Margin ~ Target Unit Sales/mo
e.g. $30K $3​ 1000 units/mo

Pick a product

How to locate thousands of profitable products to sell online

  • create a product research “master list”
    • product idea, average price, average profit, demographic, brand loyalty, seasonal , demand, DS friendly, ext suppliers
  • wayfair.com
  • aim for 30% profit

Get suppliers

  • “build a brand that provides real value to customers”

  • Work with suppliers who have MAP (minimum advertised price) policies

  • use google to open all the (competitors) websites … go to “brands” … go to the brand directly and get cleared for selling for them …

Build a website

How to drive traffic

Get customers

Conversion rate conversion

“observe what is working and adapt it”