The Idobo75 kit from YMDK comes with a coffee-brown aluminium case and backplate, and hot-swappable, QMK-programmable PCB. I’ll be installing Kailh brown switches (because I have some, and to stick with the coffee colouring) and DSA keycaps. It’s an ortholinear ‘board, which may take some getting used to but I’m hopeful that the extra keys (5x15 = 75) will let me add Fn keys as I miss those from the GK61.

Hopefully the case is sturdier than the “hover plates” that come with the Nyquist and Planck boards (do I even have the Planck kit anywhere? Weird), and once the pandemic is over I can impress some people at work with my strangeness.

An ortholinear keyboard that’s designed to increase efficiency and reduce finger travel when typing, the 75 Keys aluminum kit comes with everything you’ll need to build a functioning mechanical keyboard.

Crafted with CNC’d aluminum, the case is durable and stable. What’s more, the hot-swappable switch inserts allow you to swap out switches on the fly, without ever picking up a soldering iron.

The PCB supports RGB LEDs if you want to set the tone with underlighting. Backed by a Type-C USB connection, the keyboard connects to most new laptops and computers.

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