"Tools" are artifacts that are wielded by humans for a particular purpose (human augmentation). Tools can be categorised in a multitude of ways -- complexity, function, body-integration -- and their use augments us, creating new or enhanced capabilities. Tool-use is the biggest differential between humans and other species, although some other apes show rudimentary tool-use. Humans show high-cerebration; we can use software (virtual) tools just as easily as real, “physical” ones, and such software tools (at their best) have the effect of amplifying our intellect.
My tool-suite is:
  • Reference/Memory - This website (was Evernote)
  • Todo/Memory - Todoist (was
  • Read Later - Pocket
  • Calendar/Temporality - Google Calendar (was Sunrise)
  • Writing - Scrivener
  • Tracking financials - Moneywell
  • (Deprecated) Workflowy


"Techniques" are forms of human augmentation that don't require tools, only mental constructs i.e. learning. Some interesting techniques to research:
  • physical performance improvements
    • swimming techniques
    • running techniques
  • memory hacks
  • mathematical tricks