In religion, a powerful, immortal entity that may exist outside of space-time (but still have an effect on “reality”). Different religions may have one or many gods and goddesses: in a monotheistic religion (like Judaism, Christianity to a degree and Islam) they will not acknowledge foreign gods as “real”, and are likely to instead associate them with the devil.

In Abrahamic religions there are many names for god, including those below; generally god is named using platitudes (“most high”, “lord above all”, et cetera):

  • Y-H-W-H, “yahweh”
  • “El” or “Allah”

I’m not at all convinced there is such a thing: while the lack of evidence suggests there isn’t, there’s plenty of “reality” that we don’t know about (yet). I do sometimes feel something “spiritual”, but that could be either part of my own internal psychology or even just how the Universe “works” (without any need for an anthropomorphic “personality” imposed upon the system). At the end of the day, I don’t find an all-powerful deity likely or (more importantly) necessary. Call it “pragmatic atheism” or “atheistic pragmatism”.

Besides, I don’t want to be associated with the nut-cases that call themselves “religious” – so it is much more sensible to side with the atheists.