A class of religion(s), including (in order of age) Judaism, Christianity and Islam, share a common ancestor in the story of Abraham. These religions are similar in that they hypothesise an all-powerful god (in heaven) and an antagonistic devil (in hell). They also speak of heaven, a place of eternal bliss, where the souls of the chosen or believers will live on after death; the opposite to heaven is hell, a place of eternal suffering.These religions tend to have a book (e.g. tanakh, the bible, koran) which is considered to have been directly delivered or inspired by God.

In reality, there may be a series of later edits or modifications e.g. the apocrypha is a set of books said to have been removed from the “old testament” of the bible.The mythos also implies the existence of other supernatural creatures, including angels, demons and the offspring of angels (elohim) and humans called nephilim.  The nephilim in particular are supposed to be a race of giants.

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