Opportunity Discovery

I’m studying opportunity discovery for ENT60006 as part of an MBA from Swinburne Online.

In this unit you will design and develop your own startup. This unit aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to study or work as an innovator and/or entrepreneur. The activities, processes and evaluation techniques taught in this unit can be applied to entrepreneurship and innovation in any context: new businesses, existing businesses (small or large), not-for-profit, or public service.

Your iterative journey will take you through discovering opportunities, designing and testing a customer driven value proposition, and creating a business model. Your aim is a destination called: ‘product-market fit’.

Entrepreneurship is not a solo activity, so we’ll form the class into teams where you’ll work with other students on developing their business ideas, as well as your own. You’ll contribute the specific knowledge and skills you bring from your previous work and life experience, as well as what you learn in your entrepreneurship studies. The more you contribute, the more you’re likely to learn. Please take this exciting opportunity to work with others in developing and testing your own startup ideas.

Study notes

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  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
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  6. Week 6
  7. Week 7
  8. Week 8 Markets and Customers
  9. Week 9 Competitive Strategy
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