Accounting Systems and Reporting

This unit enhances the student’s ability to develop a sound understanding of both recording transactions through manual and computer systems and of the main accounting reports that are the output from accounting systems. The unit also aims to provide students with the skills and techniques to analyse and interpret accounting information together with the expertise to recognise and select financial information relevant to particular business and financial decisions. More generally to develop a sound basis of knowledge and interest in accounting that will provide students with a strong foundation for further studies in this field.*

Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO)

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of financial transactions following accounting principles and apply these principles to business transactions
  2. Apply accounting fundamentals to the design and operation of an an accounting information system using computerised accounting software to provide information to internal and external users that will allow them to make informed business decisions
  3. Interpret and critically analyse financial reports to make meaningful comparisons between businesses past, present and future performance
  4. Apply problem solving methodologies to select financial information (both financial and non-financial) that is relevant to particular financial and strategic business decisions
  5. Communicate proficiently and work effectively as a member of a team.