Dusting off the ‘blog: It’s 2016!

It’s 2016, and I’m dusting off the ‘blog again. Sure, I might not be able to keep up with writing here, but I’ve got to try — it’s something I actually kind of enjoy, after all, and being able to go back and revisit my thoughts from a year ago (or ten!) is illuminating in the least. This is a year for enjoyment, I think: I’ve been giving too much focus, if not time (what parent has time, after all), to my work, and feeling guilty at both ends when I don’t give enough to EITHER my projects or my family — let alone carving out that tiny bit of personal space required to recharge, reflect, write, meditate, be alone, be myself. And while I have given up the late nights and energy drinks, mostly, I’m still finding it hard to say “it can wait until Monday” … and to be happy with that decision.

柔術 (Jūjutsu)

Last night I had a (free) trial class of “Northstar-style” jūjutsu at the local recreation centre. Fun, and I was drenched in sweat inside of five minutes!

We (probably) have to move

 Ah, beautiful, delicate irony. I becomes apparent that I spoke too soon when I confessed to feeling satisfied for the first time in years — within hours of my last post, our landlords called to tell us they’re selling our home.

Taking the weekend off

 Dee had a brilliant idea this morning: “We’re taking the day off,” she announced. “No swim-school, no yoga.” Of course, she then qualified it with, “We’ll just clean the house.”

Finding the Apple characters (⌘⌥⌫) on Yosemite

A quick note to remind you all how to find the Apple-specific characters on Yosemite. First, bring up the character viewer by going to System Preferences > Keyboard and ticking “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar”, then clicking the new menu bar icon (next to the clock) and “Show Character Viewer”.

On-demand Quake-like console with iTerm and Alfred

This is fun: using Alfred to show or hide a Quake-like iTerm console, even if iTerm isn’t running.

Caved To Facebook

I have caved and reinstalled the Facebook app on my phone. Stand by for effusive outpourings of my soul, the trivial minutiae of where/when/what-for I eat my lunch, and pictures of latte art.

Spiderman riding a polar bear


Public transport blues

It doesn’t take much: one smarmy bus driver and my mood has taken a dive. Transport NSW (I think it is) is rolling out a new NFC ticketing system called Opal, very similar by all accounts to Myki in Melbourne (but not compatible, right?

Kujyukuri white ale is really tasty, almost floral with a subtle aftertaste. (While Im in the bathhouse I may as well stay hydrated.)

from Glenn J. Mason via Facebook