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Last day in KL
Aug 11, 2010

Sitting at a “Cafe Ritazza” in Kuala Lumpur, waiting for a coffee and snack and thinking about our “long way home” so far. From hostels to resorts, chicken-filled buses to cold-war Russian-built trains that felt like we were aboard Mir, it’s been an adventure — but nothing, perhaps, to the next adventure of finding a home and starting a family.

Thaims Up
Aug 5, 2010

Our 15 day Thai VISAs expire today, so we’re getting out of the country. After more than a week at the Banburee Resort on Koh Samui, the idea of travelling again was actually a little exciting, whilst the idea of dealing with the logistics again — trains, accomodation, border-crossings — was just plain depressing.

Sad monkey
Jul 23, 2010

One sad monkey, just before we got on the bus to Vientiane. Poor little guy! (We gave him a banana while the owner wasn’t looking.)

Adventures in Northern Laos
Jul 17, 2010

Relaxing at Le Leela Hotel in Vientiane, Laos, and it’s time for a long overdue update. Wifi here is fast! Probably because we’re the only guests. We’ve had a bit of an adventure in Laos so far, largely due to “travellers’ belly” that hit us in Jinghong, near the border on the Chinese side.

Were out of China (and the Great Firewall)
Jul 12, 2010

So you’ve probably noticed it’s been rather quiet from us of late, and you may have guessed why: the lovely Chinese government decided to block this website with their beloved Great Firewall.

Jun 26, 2010

A soft-sleeper from Beijing brought us to Xi’an, a Shaanxi city which has expanded past its ancient walls with the same flurry of activity and industry that we saw in the north.