In some ways I guess you could say that The Ministry for the Future is describing a new few decades that if enacted by the world community, would possibly dodge the bad parts of the futures I wrote about in New York 2140 and 2312. In all three books some people are trying to do things to get people into a better balance with Earth’s biosphere, but the earlier we start doing that in a big way, the less remediation and catching up we’ll have to do.

So the new book has the most intense focus on what we could do right now, and it plays off the creation of the Paris Agreement, which was a major event in world history.

Kim Stanley Robinson, interview with TOR

Chapter 1

An aid-worker in Uttar Pradesh struggles to help, and survive, in an unprecendented heat-wave. When power goes out in the city, he switches to a gasoline-powered air-conditioner and invites as many people as he can into his clinic. After harrowing nights, which not all survive, they are eventually forced to take refuge in the blood-warm waters of the lake. By morning, the site has become antyeṣṭi for the whole city …