Life keeps happening1

We’ve moved into a new place in Sydney: a small, new-build townhouse with undercover parking (rare in Sydney!). The place is so close to Jules’ school that his grandmother (who now lives with us) can walk him there each morning; it’s also close to a bouldering gym and a microbrewery, so I’m pretty much covered however I want to spend my time.

The other evening we saw kookaburras on the roof. That’s pretty chill.

It was providence that found it: we were 6 months in another place, but struggling with the managing agent after they’d failed to repair water damage, and subsequent mould-growth, from a storm very early on in the lease. We were getting frustrated with them, and finally snapped — we asked for a rent reduction, which they granted, then asked for it to be back-dated, which they ignored, and finally took them to the tribunal — and won. In the meantime we found the new place, called it a violation of lease terms and moved out within two weeks.

So yeah, we’re unpacked, but not organised. Selling off stuff through Facebook that we don’t have room for. But it feels good and right and clean and calm. :-)

Jules is doing reasonably well at school — he has a dyslexia tutor a day a week, and the rest of the school staff are super supportive. He spends a lot of time gaming: first the Playstation 4, but more recently his Xbox One (birthday present). How did I ever become the father of an eight year-old?? Mind boggling.

And finally … I’m a student again! Part time, online MBA from Swinburne University in Melbourne; it’s my old alma mater, and I got to keep the same student number, which is hilarious as it’s an order of magnitude earlier than every other student I work with. In my fourth subject right now (Economics) and haven’t failed anything yet, but there’s another 8 semesters so I’m a few years away. PhD after that? Probably not, but don’t want to rule it out either. (Don’t tell Dee.)

  1. Anthony, if you’re reading this, you’ll probably realise it’s very much a copy-paste-edit of the email I sent you a little while ago. That’s efficiency, not laziness! ↩︎