Dee had a brilliant idea this morning: “We’re taking the day off,” she announced. “No swim-school, no yoga.”

Of course, she then qualified it with, “We’ll just clean the house.”

It’s nice to have a break, mind you. What with work being work and the usual busy-ness of a four-year-old, it feels like we’ve been running at full-steam for the last few years. (A holiday — a proper holiday — is well overdue.)

The house is, admittedly, in a bit of a state, but nothing that a couple of hours of dedicated effort won’t restore; after that’s done I might continue painting the rear porch — for fun, rather than a chore, but also because any future motorcycle purchase is contingent on my transformation of our back-yard into a peaceful slice of Eden-space.

In the meantime, as I finish my coffee and Jules clamours for attention, I find myself happy with my lot for the first time in ages.