I’ve been eating (and drinking!) anything and everything I can find this past month or two, with the intention — likely shared by many people around this time of year — to get back to training when the new year rolls by. And training needs a purpose, right?

So tonight I’ve been searching the adventure and running calendars for inspiration, and have come up with the following shortlist of events:

I’m particularly excited about the Mud Run, as Dee has committed herself to running it too: it’s the day before her birthday, like the Tough Mudder was for me this year (which I bailed on at the last minute — put it down to bad communication and planning) and something to train for. I’m also pretty excited about the Sydney Marathon, which sounds a lot more serious than anything I’ve entered before.

Now, I haven’t bought tickets for anything yet: most of the ticket sales aren’t open yet, and I need to save up some pennies anyway — each event is circa $100 (or more), so that’ll be coming out of my pocket money for a little while at least. Looking at the list above, I must confess I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to fit all of them in … but maybe the challenge is part of the appeal? And let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to sit here on the couch, eating Christmas pudding and planning all this — it’s pain for my future self to deal with, not me!

PLEASE COMMENT with thoughts, warnings, training plans, nutrition, gear …