Good morning, Self! Not the greatest nights’ sleep last night, as Jules woke at an ungodly 3:30am. Luckily (for me) Danielle took care of him ’til circa 7am, at which point we swapped and she crashed. An hour and a half (and breakfast) later, I put Jules to bed and rode into work – I can only hope he’s let her sleep in some!

Lots to do today! I need to send over configuration specs to a customer, write up an initial project plan/todo and pass that to all, get some more test data into our VMs, read up on Hadoop FS a little more.

Riding isn’t getting any easier. I wonder how much of it is my bike, and how much of it is me? I had the idea to ride the “loaner bike” home one evening, but Shannon’s just pointed out that it’s a fixey (single-speed). Perhaps Dyon will let me ride his road-bike, in the interest of science?