It has, on balance, been a rather relaxing weekend.

Of course, after yesterday’s power-outage inspired painting session, we got up early(ish) on Saturday with a list of things to do: finish the walls, cook a roast and clean up the work-site in time for dinner with Ken and Mary. A busy, tiring day but a relaxing evening knowing we’re getting close — one more coat on one wall, then white trim on french-doors and wall panelling and we’ll be ready for some floorboards. (Undecided yet: should we just get someone to install them for us?)

Today we decided to take the day off and headed along the Mornington Penisula to a little place called Flinders. We had fish and chips for lunch (and wouldn’t have given Lucy so many chips if we’d known we’d have to, quite literally, pick it up again later*), then wandered up and down the main street looking at little knick-knacks and antiques. Lucy meanwhile met a lot of people, a few dogs and managed to drag me around the park at least seventeen times.

Suitably tired (me, not her), we drove back home at about 4 o’clock. Nothing else to do this weekend but settle in with a raging fire and watch the Eurovision final.

(Oh dear Lordi, tell me that it’s not “Jedward” from X-factor representing Ireland? Oh, it is, and they still can’t dance together; at least they’re in-tune these days, for which (I assume) we can thank technical advances in lip-sync and/or autotune. The irony is that they really should be singing Sweden’s song: “I will be popular, I will be popular” — although they would have to sing it whilst choking back tears of desperation and pints of stout, I suppose…)

  • … I say “we”, but it was Dee who had “bag duty” today; hey, I’ve been shovelling ’em up at home. “It’s just like changing a nappy,” I suggest. Dee is not impressed.

PS: Ha! Moldova is on with a hilarious circus-ska-rap song and giant Gnome hats. Nice one.