As I was making my new week’s resolutions last night, I decided to try setting myself up for failure: making a list of non-trivial tasks and setting myself the goal of doing them every single day this week. It’s overloading, with the view that I won’t have time to think (and question, and worry, and avoid) about what I’m doing — I’ll just have to do it.

With that in mind, every day this week I want to:

  • write some FOSS code
  • do 20 minutes practise each of French and (“Mandarin”) Chinese
  • stick 100% to the “Four Hour Body” diet outlined by Tim Ferris

… okay, so it doesn’t look like much, but these are exactly the things that keep getting squeezed out due to other things like work and the home-renovations/decorating. By listing them here (publically) as “do every day”, I’m artifically increasing their importance. Check in at the end of the week to see whether I managed these three little things, and what else I forgot to do because of it!