I think it’s about time I told the world, so if this is the first you’re hearing of it I’m sorry I couldn’t track you down beforehand!

Yes, it’s true: Dee and I are having a baby. Of course, she’s doing most of the actual work at this point, but I’m with her (in spirit) 100%, and believe me, if I could carry the cheeky little tyke for a while, I would. Hell, we would probably alternate! Or outsource the damn thing! But unfortunately we are not Hollywood stars and thus cannot afford such luxuries — we have to do “pregnant” the old-fashioned way, with growing tum and regular tiredness and just a little morning sickness (lucky are we!).

So we’re in our second trimester now, with an ETA of circa 19th July, and have been for several ultrasounds (I love living in the future!) to check on the little tyke … but he or she was not cooperative on our last one, so we still don’t know the sex. Another scan next week should hopefully tell us.

Very bizarre being able to look inside someone and count fingers, toes, heart-rate … the little human-to-be looks all freakish at this age (hence the “alien baby” sentiment), but is looking more and more human as the days go by. “I hope [she] gets your ear-lobes,” remarks Dee. “Everything else can come from me tho’.”

So yes, very excited we are (as Yoda might say), and looking forward to moving into our own place in two short weeks — we’ve been at Mum’s (both thereof) for almost 6 months now, which is longer than I think we spent at home when we were growing up!