A relaxing stay in Vienna (Wien), with little to do and even less inclination to do it. We stayed at Wombat’s “Base” Hostel — very clean, nice, friendly and better serviced than some of the hotels we’ve stayed at. Personally I want to stay in hostels from now on, as they can be cleaner, cheaper (well, not as cheap as I’d hoped, but not bad) and much more informal; I suspect that Wombat’s is one of the nicer hostels, tho’, as others in Scotland (and even Melbourne) didn’t look half as nice.

So we relaxed here in the bar (1€ beer!), used the free wifi to upload some of the photos we’ve accrued and even washed some clothes, which by now were in desperate need of some soapy love. During the day we took a little walk into the city centre, but missed the tourist tram by 2 minutes and couldn’t be bothered waiting for the next — it’s a long walk into town! — so really just meandered along and eventually made it back to the hostel. It’s been quite hot and muggy here lately, so we were waiting for a big thunderstorm but it looks like it will break after we’ve left.

Today we’re on the Railjet train to Budapest and it’s lovely: first class, new train, two window seats and plenty of leg room. The only downside? We’re on a train filled with Poms, Kiwis and Aussies!! Who’da thunk it; sounds like they’re all on a package tour together. I’m happy in the knowledge that they’ve paid more than us *grin*.