Tonight we walked home along the narrow path that follows the Thames, crossing via Tower Bridge rather than our usual route over busy London Bridge. With the evening sun still warm, we stopped at a rickety, ice-filled cart next to the Tower Of London and bought two plastic flutes of sparkling champagne and one freshly shucked oyster — for me, as Dee was too chicken doesn’t like oysters and there’s nothing wrong with that mister. (For the record, I didn’t mind it! With a squeeze of lemon and a healthy dash of tabasco, it was a lot less unpleasant than I was expecting — and good enough that I’ll certainly try them again should we find them in South East Asia.)

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy, what with all the different aspects of the trip to organise — tickets, hostels, insurance, VISAs, shipping — but this month we’re really stepping up the “things to do in London” list. It’s the London Sci-fi Film Festival at the end of the month, and I’ve already bought us tickets to a bunch of films and events (although I’m not doing the all-nighter this year, as I have something other than sleeping planned for the Sunday following). I still don’t think we’ll get through all 101, but at least we’ll have done a fair whack.

Funny, really: tonight it felt like we were tourists already, albeit tourists who knew their way ’round and still had another 6 weeks in London. This city really is a better place to visit than to live, I reckon…

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