About 2 months ago my entry/work VISA for the UK expired; two weeks prior I sent it away for an extension. Today I got my passport back and breathed a sigh of relief!

It’s hard to believe it takes so long! I mean, they certainly took my money quick enough — that was taken out of my account before the first biometrics interview. Worse, the application form warns that it can take up to 90 days, and that if you need your passport back before then they will cancel the processing altogether. Luckily for me, I was entitled to stay (and work) for as long as they had it, but with our next holiday coming up I was really quite worried I wouldn’t be able to leave the country — after Wales, we realise it will actually be cheaper to fly and stay in Europe than to drive around Britain. Which is of course ridiculous in and of itself, but what can you do?

I’m still not home-and-hosed yet, as the biometric ID card (which replaces a rubber-stamp in my passport and must be carried along with the passport) is being delivered separately, but at least I can leave and re-enter the country now.

We’re “last minuting” our next holiday, as Dee’s brother will be with us and we want something cheap and fun — suggestions? So far I’d like to see Morocco or Greece, Dee is talking about Ireland (although I’ve already been there!) and Chris (her brother) will take whatever he gets *grin*. Especially since he’s doing a ’round-the-world trip in Business Class thanks to about a billion frequent-flyer points.

This has me reinvigorated about a big trip next year, too — Budapest, Poland, Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore.