A nice relaxing weekend of doing very little.

We had our barbeque, but I didn’t watch the AFL grand-final … turns out that it was on at 4am in the morning, and your had to book ahead to see it in a Walkabout! And pay for the privilege … the privilege of cramming into a sticky bar with drunk Australians, Kiwis, Poles and Englishmen, drinking warm beer from dirty glasses all for the joy of watching the Hawks trounce the Cats. Actually that last bit might’ve made it worthwhile (sorry Shep).

Anyway, we had a barbie in the back-yard (ah, so Aussie) but with Chris AWOL and Colleen off galavanting around the city it was just the two of us … which made a nice change, but if we’d known we were dining alone we would’ve bought better quality meats and salads! Oh well; we ate then walked it off, then spoiled ourselves with chocolate and waited for the housey’s too go clubbing.

With the house finally to ourselves we settled in to watch The Kingdom – a goodish movie, and worth it just for the educational factor of the 30 second intro sequence, all about Saudi Arabia and American relations over oil.

Sunday was even more relaxing, although our media server died (waa!). I think the housemates all needed some alone time — we each went out separately, but it turns out we all dined in restaurants and cafes right next to each other! Without knowing.