It has been a long week this week, largely due to Dee’s work schedule: she’s been on the early-shift, which has meant getting up some time between 5am (on Monday) and 6:30am (by Friday) i.e. a case of finding exactly how late she can leave it to get to work by 7 o’clock in the morning.

I’ve tried to get up at the same time, but I’m really not a morning-person. On the other hand, I’d happily stay up ’til dawn watching anime and drinking saké, so maybe my “range of consciousness” is just time-shifted a couple of hours. In any case, even not getting up at 5am has lead me to be tired at work, so I’m really looking forward to clocking off at 17:30 tonight.

S’posed to be good weather this weekend, so a barbeque will be in order at some point; the AFL grand-final is tomorrow afternoon (Australian time) so perhaps we can roll that in too. (Dee will say she doesn’t like watching the footy, but like every red-blooded Aussie girl she really does. I have to believe that.)