Banksy? Flower artThis is quite cool: possibly a piece of art from of “Banksy” right around the corner from us.

We saw it on the way home last night, and of course this morning there were people standing around getting ready to paint over it. Whether you like Banksy’s work or not, it certainly provokes thought and discussion. Of course, there’s a twist for this piece – he may have been caught on camera. I guess that’s what you get for making art in the paranoid east end.

Unless it’s not him … would you do something like this in broad daylight? If you’d been doing it for years without getting caught?

That said, it looks like his work (especially the little painter guy in the corner) so who knows?

I still get a thrill seeing places I’ve been and recognise on movies and the like – I spent ages running around the Isle of Dogs pretending everyone around me was a 28-things-later zombie, for example. The latest Bourne movie is fun to watch for the same reason. And now there’s a new movie coming out called “Brick Lane”, which is the famous street Dee and I walk along every day to work, so that should be fun.

Certainly more fun than the brutal “Eastern Promises”, starring Viggo Morgenstern, a.k.a. Stryder from the Lord of the Rings … who has been seen at the Argentine grill restaurant we’re headed to on Friday night!

We’re proper celebrity-stalkers, us (Briony, remember Star Spotting in Warnambool?). I think I saw Michael Jackson (in disguise) at a train station in Germany once.

Then again, they’ll let anyone be a celebrity these days *cough* Peter André and Katie Price *cough* so it’s probably not such a glamourous past-time after all.