Today Dee updated her CV and applied for eight different roles down in London — and that was just the start of it! Some 700 results on the search page of one job site, advertising salaries that seem a little ridiculous. (Actually, it makes me wonder what “The Bank” think they’re doing, offering such a different range up here in sunny, er, windy Scotland.)

The idea, if I haven’t already said it, is that Dee can do contracting and I’ll stay “permy” — no, not my hair (as if I have enough!) — either with my current lovely employer, or someone else newer and shinier. Unfortunately 18 months of more-admin-than-tech support means my Java development skills aren’t really up to scratch (I think), so whilst Dee was Securing Our Fiscal Future I stared writing a “LiveStats” application to monitor our SLA’s and system availability. It is (well, will be) a rotating display of various statistics and monitoring that I can put up on the spare screen we have at work. Then we can all sit around it pretending we are watching something critical and acting important, and the managing head of the department will look over, see our dedication and professionalism and immediately give us all raises, bottles of champagne and an electric car.

Well, that’s the idea anyway. At the very least it will remind me how to actually do something, and then I can sit my Java certification exam in a month or so.

In other news, it sounds like Grant and Sheila are having a lot of fun on their around-the-world travels — I’m so jealous! They are currently in the land of Vlad Dracul, and no doubt by now they’ve been turned into immortal vampires (say nosferatu in a scary voice!) and the rest of the trip will have to be made at night time. Hope you enjoy your eternal twilight guys! And I hope we are in London by the time you swing by …