Well it’s nearly the weekend and none of my gear — the RAM replacement, a new HDD to piggyback the NAS, a copy of (ergh!) Vista — has arrived from Ebuyer. So, for this weekend at least, I’m stuck with the laptop. That’s a 1.3GHz Celeron laptop with 256MB of RAM and a dodgy keypad; it’s not the most powerful beast, but hopefully all I’m doing this weekend is web-based. Once I get the new PC installed I’ll probably blow away Ubuntu (on the laptop) and try the low-resource Xubuntu … or roll-my-own, depending on how much time I have to waste.

I haven’t heard back from the mob in London, so perhaps they really were scared that I couldn’t remember basic JDBC-related classes — if you’re reading this (a slim chance indeed) then know that I’ve done lots of JDBC before, but not for a couple of years (it’s all CM EJBs these days) and my mind simply went blank! I’m going to blame that on the fact that this was my first interview in a long time, I was at a noisy café on my lunchbreak, and frankly I was feeling unneccessarily nervous!

Oh well, whatever is meant to be will be.

What does that have to do with the “bits” for my PC? Well I wanted to do some coding — specifically playing the the Google Web Toolkit and the GData APIs — but there’s no way I can run Java 6 and Eclipse on a low-spec’d Celeron … not that I’m not going to try, but the last time I had it all going it was just so painful I had to uninstall. And that was running console-based apps (data mining log files, creating some “grep like” command-line tools for work).