I’ve had such a shitty day at work, nothing to do but have a drink and listen to some tunes, courtesy of Last.fm.

Thankfully this means: Beck; Depeche Mode; Yo La Tengo; Bad Religion and more random stuff. It’s not all great, but it’s all good. The wine is a french sauvignon, perfect for the evening meal of trout, steamed vegetables and pan-fried capsicum (red peppers) and spring onion. Oh, and just in case I’m sounding like a complete toss-bag, rest assured that I’m drinking the end of this wine straight from the bottle – no pretensions here, apart from an arguably excessive tendency towards loquacity. I don’t even think that is a word, however.

Seriously, I’m having a ball. I heard today that it’s almost bonus season, and that I should expect 10% – not too bad, not too bad at all! 10% of my yearly salary will more than pay off my credit card – yes, I’m one of the very many sad people in the world that live in debt – and also buy me a much better computer than I currently have (overclock that bitch!). If there’s any left over, well, that’s the start of my Ducati Fund. One day. I may need to fake a mid-life crisis, but one day.

The best part of my day today was the walk home – listening to Natacha Atlas (it’s not all in English, but I like it!) and some Augie March (good solid Australian band) – and the second best bit was the walk to work, for much the same reason. It seems that I’m highly paid for an easy job with no respect, not inside the company nor beyond. I cringe when people ask me what I do! That’s just not right!

Meh, I’m just being a big sook.