I relaunched glennji.com last night, which with Drupal was as easy as changing a setting from “offline” to “online”. Today I’ve tweaked the theme (with the theme_editor module, since I don’t have FTP access from work) to rectify a couple of XHTML validation errors and warnings — and I wouldn’t have noticed them but for the HTML Validator extension in Firefox. There’s still a few funny things about the theme and stylesheet, but I think they’re mostly only in the admin area and thus not visible from the outside. Once I iron it all out I’ll donate the theme to drupal.org I think.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve also launched a new site: glennji.org! This is my purely personal, ego-driven site for rants and rambles, ridiculous ideas and any scribbles I happen to get around to scanning. Unlikely to be interesting to anybody who doesn’t know me, I’m guessing.

It’s another Drupal site, running a separate instance in an “add-on” domain on the same webserver, mostly because I couldn’t figure out who to host multiple websites on the same space any other way (i.e. it probably involves updating DNS records, for one thing, and I don’t have shell access to the webserver to configure Apache for another).

Of course, writing some decent content/applications/themes to host is by far the more difficult task. It’s also more fun!