It turns out that my passport photos were not close-up enough, despite the fact that the booth distinctly said, “Passport Photo Booth”. I mean, I know things aren’t meant to be easy, but is it like this all the time??

I slept in a few Wednesday’s ago, recovering. When I finally woke up it was too late to go to work, so instead I wandered down to the Post Office to submit my passport application. “Nope, photos aren’t good enough, send him next door,” I hear the woman in charge say. (“Next door” turned out to be a photo lab, which was lucky.)

So they took my photo – indeed much closer – and I made sure with the P.O. that they were appropriate, then got Yvonne to sign the new ones, and now I’m back at the same spot: no time to get to a Post Office during the working week, and no local P.O. that is open on the weekend!!

Baby steps.