I recently found a nice informative site about bringing pets to the United Kingdom. We’ve got a cat - a cranky, fussy, self-concerned ball of fur and claws - and we’re more than just a little attached to her. (When we were looking for apartments, the property manager asked Dee if we “…couldn’t just get rid of the cat?”. Dee was suitably indignant, and chastised her. “Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a cat person,” was the reply. Not believable, of course.)

Anyway, it turns out that if Shadow (that’s the cat) has to go into quarantine, she won’t get out for six months. Six months! Quite extreme, but also avoidable thanks to the PETS scheme (the “S” might be for “scheme”, so it might be a PET scheme). If a pet comes in from a particular country, via a particular route, guess what - no quarantine!

Of course, we need to get her microchipped, and go through all the usual health checks, but I think it will be fine. Also, since we’re planning on taking a holiday on the way over, we will leave her with family and then get her put on a plane once we’re at least a little established. Melissa has already said she can look after her, and since she’s moving to Melbourne soon it may all work out!