I may be looking for new work soon.

Wait, that’s not true — I will be looking for new work, and am currently. What I meant was: I may be out of work soon. It’s a matter of urgency, really *grins*. Not part of my masterplan, but it might be unavoidable with the way things have been going at work.
How so? Well today the Managing Director was given the arse. Managing Director.
(For anyone from outside of Australia needing translation at this point: “given the arse” means that he was fired, made redundant, asked to leave, whatever you want to call it, he’s gone.)
About a week ago one of the developers was fired, now the MD — who’s next? I’m guessing the most recently employed. Or the one who’s project is wrapping up. Or the one who’s skillset isn’t inline with the future direction of the (and I use the term loosely) “company”.
All me.
May be time for my next exciting adventure?